Capability Summary

Melbourne Power Sweeping customers are used to the high level of attention to detail, reliable response times to emergency needs and the peace of mind contract service offered.

Having a can do mentality and a proactive approach to power sweeping and cleaning, Melbourne Power Sweeping partners with your firm to reduce exposure to legal and OHS threats and reduces your compliance, operational and maintenance costs.

The MPS capability extends from a small clean up, to full scale street sweeping, covering tasks including;

  • Ride On Mechanical Vacuum Sweeping                 
  • Ride On Mechanical Vacuum Scrubbing                   
  • Street and Road Sweeping                                           
  • Floor and Hard Stand Maintenance Programs        
  • High Pressure Water Blasting                                   
  • Industrial Cleaning       
  • Builders Cleaning and Working at Heights
  • Elevated Work Platform Cleaning                                            
  • Pressure Washing
  • Line Marking
  • Graffitti Removal                                                    
  • Line Marking Removal                                                             
  • Tyre Mark Removal                                                           
  • Pit Cleaning                                                             
  • Storm Water     

For commercial and industrial building sites, shopping centres, car parks, manufacturing plants, warehouses and construction sites or correcting large and small spills that include; water, oil, dirt, sand and debris.

Before you make your next contract cleaning or emergency clean up choice, make sure you give us a call or contact us to learn how Melbourne Power Sweeping can help you solve your problem.