At Melbourne Power Sweeping, having the correct people in the team and doing all of the training in the world is only half of the equation, having solid reliable, well-maintained equipment means that when you call, MPS are ready to go.

No downtime, no excuses, just action.

Melbourne Power Sweeping use only the latest equipment ensuring;

  • All equipment is fitted with all OHS safety devices
  • Public Liability Insurance and
  • Plant and Equipment insurance is covered off

Melbourne Power Sweeping drives efficiency through the latest modern equipment including;

  • Road and Street Sweepers
  • Ride On Mechanical Sweepers
  • Ride On Mechanical Scrubbers
  • Pressure Washer/Degreaser  
  • Walk Behind Sweepers and 

All Sweeping and Scrubbing units are fitted with a specialised vacuum system that filters the air and ensures a dust free environment.

Ask us about our range of equipment and how we can reduce your operating costs, risk exposure and maintenance costs in your business today.

Call or contact us to take advantage of our 24 Hour Quote Guarantee and learn why Melbourne Power Sweeping is the preferred choice for many Melbourne and Victorian companies.