Water Trucks

Melbourne Power Sweeping has a great range of water trucks for hire direct from our Victorian branch. These are available for long or short term hire. We have a large range of Hino Water trucks with 5,000 litre - 13,000 litre holding capacity.

Melbourne Power Sweeping provides water truck hire to the construction industry, landscapers and civil contractors across Victoria.

Water Trucks are used in variety of roles including, dust suppression, road cleaning, irrigation and many other applications. Dust Suppression is a process to dampen dust in dry areas using a water truck to spread volumes of water over the dry surface. Excessive dust can threaten your health, work sites with excessive dust can force workers to breathe in dust, which increases health risks like eye, ear, throat and nose irritation.

  • Improve your site productivity and visibility by minimising excessive airborne dust particles.
  • Avoid being fined by local and government authorities for creating an unsafe work site.
  • Protect our environment.

Water trucks are extremely effective at controlling airborne dust particles so contact the water truck experts to solve your dust problem.

To enquire about Melbourne Power Sweeping Water Trucks feel welcome to reach out on (03) 9333-4333 or contact us.